At the Social-Loco Conference in San Francisco this month, Google VP Marissa Mayer gave a keynote speech outlining the company’s vision for the social and local markets. You can read an article in Mashable about the event.

The key phrase for me in that article was this:
Mobile, and its relationship with location-based services, is becoming a larger part of Google’s overall strategy. Mayer said that Google Maps has been quickly evolving from its desktop roots into a mobile-focused experience. In fact, during weekends, Google Maps via mobile receives more traffic than the desktop.

Did you catch that? People are using their phones to get directions and find businesses more and more. This is a habit that more and more people will adopt. We’ve already talked about the fact that there are more mobile phone users than Internet users, and that number continues to grow. A wise business-owner will get positioned in the major directories as soon as possible, because that’s how customers are finding products and services.

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Photo provided courtesy of monkeybum via Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.