After months of effort, Earnest Marketing launched at the Ionia Expo today. What a terrific day! We got up super early to get the booth all ready, and when 9am rolled around I was all set to meet all the great people who came to the expo.

Marketing strategy for today: Passersby were asked if they own a business. If someone said no, I’d say something friendly and explain that “I help businesses get listed online”. Basically, an elevator pitch in 5 seconds. If a person was indeed a business owner, I took a few more seconds to give a longer elevator pitch and invited them to enter my giveaway. There were two ways to enter: leave a business card (or fill out a small slip I had prepared) in my cute fishbowl, or send a text message to my shortcode.

Overall, the day was a great success and I’m really excited to choose the giveaway winners tomorrow and get them started with Earnest Marketing.