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The most successful web sites are optimized both for people and for search engines. It’s obvious that businesses want people to find them, so the site should have a pleasing appearance, be easy to navigate, and have clear calls to action. We’ve definitely gotten to the point where customers are less trusting of businesses that aren’t online.

At the same time, search engine rankings are of critical importance. Successful sites need to be properly formatted, tagged, and listed in directories. In addition, ongoing content added to the site can increase rankings. Why are rankings important? Simple. Search engine bots crawl the site and determine how likely is the possibility that a consumer will want to see it. Sites that look more important to consumers are ranked higher and displayed first in search engine results.

Consumers typically look only at the first page of search results before trying another keyword. Being on the first page of results is critical to the success of a web site.

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That’s why a business owner needs to be aware of what keywords (search criteria) they want to rank for. This involves studying search trends, identifying relevant keywords for the site and then undertaking SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies.

Other parts of SEO include listings in relevant online directories, checking that existing listings have the correct details, registration with Google, Yahoo, and Bing business and social services, off-site content creation and dissemination, on-site optimization, analytics, reporting, and more. You can see all of our SEO services on the Visibility portion of Earnest Marketing.

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In addition to the SEO services available, we also offer a Local Buzz package. There are some businesses that don’t need to compete on a larger scale. Rather, they need to attract customers who are local and are searching for services on their smartphone or tablet. With the Local Buzz package, work is done to optimize the business site listings with services like Google Maps (also Bing and Yahoo), business directories like Facebook and Foursquare, and more. In some Local Buzz packages, copy writing and promotion are included. In all packages, analytics and monthly reporting lets business owners see the progress being made. You can see all of our Local Buzz services in the Visibility portion of Earnest Marketing.

Earnest Marketing has many more services available, including social media optimization, web site development (either a “brochure” site, a WordPress installation, or even a custom .html production), video creation (ask about our custom white board commercials), and Pay Per Click advertising. We’re also very proud of our loyalty program and text messaging services that can help you get more customers walking in the door and spending money.

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