Video Marketing Can Increase Your Plumbing Business

 Are you looking for more customers for your plumbing business?

Implement a custom video on your YouTube channel, Facebook page, web site, or inside a targeted advertising campaign to familiarize customers with your brand.  We have several options available in one of two styles: traditional or whiteboard style.

Each style is available in either stock or fully customized.  

Your business name and contact information can be overlaid throughout the traditional video and/or included in the credits at the end.  

**Please note: only one stock video will be sold in your neighborhood.  If you have purchased a video, that automatically locks out your direct competitors.  

Traditional style videos are great for sharing information. This video retails for $197 USD.

Whiteboard Videos

With the whiteboard style video you can easily tell your customers a story.  Watching the artist draw the images as the story continues helps engage your customers.  Whiteboard videos are very memorable, and that’s an important feature in today’s competitive market.

If you prefer color, we can do that too!

A whiteboard video retails for $197 USD.

As with the traditional style, we will NOT sell the same whiteboard video to any of your neighborhood competitors.  We prefer to remain exclusive with our clients.  Once a video is published in a particular neighborhood, we will not sell it again in that area.

Custom videos

We can also create completely custom videos for your business. whether it’s traditional, whiteboard, animated, or even a combination of those styles.  A custom video includes a script, male or female voice-over (we hire a professional for this), and whatever artwork is required.  Custom video prices start at $397*.  

Use the contact form below to reserve your video or discuss a custom creation today.

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