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Helping others is the most important thing we do. Everyone here at Earnest Marketing believes in the mission of helping businesses navigate the online realm and we enjoy it very much.

Our work didn’t quite feel complete, though, until we got involved with We Need Help Today. This site is a unique platform that connects people in need with people who can help. Whether it’s a charitable organization holding a fundraiser or a family with a sudden crisis or long-term need, We Need Help Today.com is available to help. Beneficiaries are featured on individual profile pages as well as the site’s homepage. A payment link is also included. That could be PayPal or any other fund collecting mechanism that is already in place.

One of the most important things to know about the fundraising process through WNHT is that we don’t touch a penny. No fees are charged for either the profile page or any other advertising/promotion provided. If a beneficiary doesn’t have a way to collect funds, we do our best to find a church or bank that will help administer the money.

Make no mistake, WNHT is a for-profit entity. Our revenues are generated through business sponsorships. This frees us up to work as hard as we can to help people and organizations get the help they need in a timely manner.

We’re very excited to announce the debut of WNHT Michigan, a pilot site that is testing a new site design. When testing is complete, we expect to merge back in with the national site. Keeping things local is important; there will be a dedicated area to each community served. Local business sponsors will be showcased with related causes and needs.

In addition to helping meet local needs, WNHT helps businesses too. We use many methods to get your business local exposure, from Internet and Mobile Marketing, to text message marketing and alerts, to social media, to video and video marketing, to live streeming, to email and email marketing, and conventional media like radio or TV.

We have Sponsor Advertising Packages for your business.

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