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B.O.B.’s Brewery

Home 20 Monroe Ave NW, 0F, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Work Phone: (616) 356-2000 Website:

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B.O.B.’s Brewery is heading in a fresh direction with a new Brewmaster and attitude. Brewmaster, John Svaboda, has brought a wealth of experience and talent with him to The B.O.B. The result has been the highest quality microbrews the brewery has ever produced. Along with technical know how, John has introduced an air of fun, ingenuity and tempered insanity with some of the most unique and delicious special batch brews ever available at The B.O.B. The Mango Chipotle and Papaya Peach Ginger ales come to mind most immediately. For the more traditional beer connoisseur we have our standard brews – Afterglow Amber, Nautical Dawn Pale and Platinum Blonde. John also rotates classic brews such as Stouts, Porters and Wheats.

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