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Customers these days aren’t just looking for your business with their mobile devices. They’re also looking for relationship. For those of us in the over-40 age range, this is a newer concept. It’s true though: people want to feel like they know you and your business before they’re willing to commit to buying anything.

That’s why relationship is so important. Customers want to feel like they know you, they want to be included, and they want to feel rewarded.

Earnest Marketing has a two-pronged approach to relationships with customers: our loyalty program, and our unlimited text messaging services.

With Loyalty Rewards you can reward customers with a punch card program, tie in with social media like Facebook and Twitter, connect your Yelp and Foursquare reviews, and even generate new customer reviews. All of this is in a web app that resides online. Customers install a small icon on their smartphone for easy access. As an added bonus, this icon (your logo) is like a billboard in their pocket. Whenever they use their phone, your icon is there to remind them of your business.

Other advantages of the web app include:

  • no drain on the battery because there’s no program running in the background
  • no storage space needed on the device because the program is entirely online
  • no updates need to be downloaded to devices by customers
  • web apps work on ALL devices. No need to create separate programs for Androids or iPhones

This program is low-cost to the business owner, and is actually intended to generate revenue as it builds relationship and extends your marketing reach. Use it to advertise campaigns and promotions, reward customers for their business and encourage them to return again.

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The second prong of our approach involves our unlimited text messaging service. Statistics show that right now, 98% of text messages are opened within 15 minutes of send. That’s an extremely powerful channel of communication. Email used to be the dominant channel (and it can still be effective in the right circumstances) but now the open rate on messages is well below 20%.

With text messaging, you can communicate instantly with customers. Notify them of new (and ongoing) campaigns and promotions. Want to have a sudden sale? Excited about a new product line? Just received a shipment of a hot item you can’t keep on the shelves? Simply send out a text message to notify your customer base.

Our unlimited program allows you to send messages without concern for cost. While you don’t want to overwhelm a few customers with many messages, you can really increase sales and revenue when you send a few messages to many customers. Other services charge extra if you send more than a certain number of messages. With our program, there are no worries about overages or outrageous fees. The affordable plan is a fraction of what other companies charge and comes with a terrific support program to help you get up and running.

We can help you build a strong list of customers with both the app and the text messaging services, creating not only an asset for the business but an opportunity to offer complementary businesses advertising space within your program.

We’d love to build a custom demo for your business.

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