We’ve been working hard to develop the best mobile web app we can, and after a lot of hard work are so proud of our Choice App. This is a complete mobile web app with an included customer loyalty program.

With the Choice App, you may choose from as many pages as you like. The app can be designed to match your web site, and we can even set the URL to match. For example, if your site is www.mysite.com, we can set the app to www.mobile.mysite.com. As long as you have access to your domain registrar, the custom web address is easy to set up.

For an example of a great Choice App that matches its web site, please see At Willow Pond’s app, as well as their main site.

When you purchase an app, we create a custom program just for you. If you want to manage it yourself that is great, but we are always here to make any changes or updates for you. Simply call or email for support.

Because our app is web based, your customers only have to download a small bookmark to their phone. They never have to download updates, using up precious data plans, battery life, or memory on the phone.

Our app doesn’t require extensive privacy permissions either. The only information collected is usage of the loyalty program and registration details offered by the customers themselves.

You can see more of the mobile apps we’ve created at our sister site in the gallery.